Project Services

Henry-Ann Company, Inc., provides consulting and engineering services for Residential and Commercial/Industrial developments. Our objective is to guide our clients through a seamless development process and provide quality assurance principles, assure that our clients receive of the highest quality project management in a timely and cost effective approach to their project.

We strive to complete projects that are challenging and require in-depth investigation, working closely with our clients we demonstrate our uncompromising commitment to their needs. Offering turnkey solutions to a broad range of real estate development needs in the most streamlined, cost-efficient manner – utilizing strategic planning decisions to deliver a comprehensive building and development program.

The Henry-Ann Company, Inc. offers a wide range of services for site development projects:

Conceptual Master Development Planning (CMDP) Consulting Services

1) Review the Comprehensive Land Plan and Zoning Ordinance and Policy Analysis of County & City General Plan, and the Regional General Plan Framework and confirm the development objectives and the requirements for this Project.

2)  Confirmation of proposed future development project’s objectives and requirements for the County/City and the local community that will require of projects through periodic meetings with representatives of Property owners surrounding the project. This will also include meetings with the County/City/State agencies: Fish & Game, Regional Water, Army Corp., Planning, Environmental, Flood Control, Transportation, Building Safety, Water & Sewer/ Recycled Water. Utilities and Cultural.

3)    Conduct of General On-Site and Off-Site Assessment covering surface soil conditions, domestic water sources, drainage from offsite capability, flood cycles & levels, existing land use/ activities, existing utilities, access points and RROWs, solar orientation/ angles, environmental quality, climate, wind direction, visual quality, etc.; this will help in our evaluation of land use.

4) Upon completion of the site analysis study, the Henry-Ann Company Inc., will provide recommendations for a master plan to initiate a master planning process for the Project that would establish a more specific vision for the development of the Project and would provide a detailed set of recommendations including level of development, infrastructure requirements, design guidelines, and phasing that will be accepted by the County/City Planning Department.

This will include a conceptual Economic Evaluation.

Our Project Planning Services

-Research and Investigation
-Zoning and Regulatory Investigation
-Land Use and Relevant Planning
-Site Evaluation
-Marketing Strategy
-Surrounding Land Uses
-Project Setting
-Project Characteristics
-Project Objectives
-Site Development Planning
-Feasibility Studies
-Feasibility Grading Analysis
-Hydrology Water Studies
-Project Application and Discretionary Actions
-Intended Use of the EIR
-Technical Studies
-CEQA Process
-Planning & Zoning Issues
-Permitting Process
-Legal Assistance in Environmental Process