Development Services

Entitlement Processing

Entitlement processing is an arrangement of legal negotiations requiring input from Local, State, and Federal agencies to secure permission for specific land development projects. These permissions can vary, determining on the use of the land, and even specifying the tenants authorized to occupy the final development; the factors involved with entitlements are extremely complex, as are the processes which determine the final approvals. These regulatory agency permits are incredibly challenging to obtain.

The Henry-Ann Company specializes in obtaining local and regional agency approvals, which include but are not limited to:

  • All Mapping (Tentative, Vested, Final, and Parcel
  • EIR’s (Environmental Impact Reports)
  • CEQA/NEPA Studies
  • Conditions of Approval Negotiations
  • Permit Acquisition from Federal, State, and Local governing bodies

Bond Exoneration

Our bond exoneration program is available to clients who have existing subdivisions needing remove and replacement work, as well as sites needing public works right of way improvements.

The bond exoneration program includes:

  • Identification of all remove and replacement items (R&R)
  • Establishment of site inspection with Public Works Inspector (to confirm R&R items)
  • Landscape removal and replacement
  • Curb and Gutter replacement
  • Road and Sidewalk improvements
  • Wet Utility bond reduction
  • Comprehensive analysis and coordination of site needs
  • Completion of County and City agency approvals

The Henry-Ann company provides all necessary labor, materials, and coordination to complete the remove and replacements needed.

Project Finance

The Henry-Ann Company helps clients build economic budgets and efficient payment schedules for land development projects; we utilize decades of experience to create cost effective solutions for today’s project demands. We create manageable budgets by analyzing and comparing all pertinent costs necessary to take a project from start to finish. Our project finance services include:

  • Project cost estimation/analysis
  • Budget formulation and comparison
  • Payment schedule creation
  • Scope of work definition with value analysis and comparison
  • County and City fee calculation
  • Material cost/quality comparison
  • Project Feasibility analysis
  • Cost management and project value scores